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There are 2.18 billion Christians in the world. 75% of all Christians live in Africa, Asia, and South America. 85% of these churches are led by pastors with no training. With only 33% of the world having access to the internet there is a huge gap in resources available to these pastors. This is where First Mission will help fill the gap.

First Mission has partnered with Reach Out School Ministries in Nakuru, Kenya in order to train pastors and church leaders. We want to reach out to ministers all around Kenya and the surrounding countries to train them in ministry. They alone know the language, the culture, and the people they are ministering too. They have a love for the gospel and want desperately to be trained to evangelize their communities. Each student will be trained in evangelism, local church ministry, and civil services. The curriculum is well rounded and theologically rich.

Through God’s grace and your support several pastors and leaders have graduated through this program already. They are now seeing the blessings of being well trained in the ministry.  But, there are more pastors and leaders in Kenya who desperately need training. There are still resources required to keep the school running. First Mission supports Reach Out School of Ministry financially in providing teachers’ pay, translation of book, printing of books, and travel and tuition for students. Unless good Christian people help there will be no class, there will be no more school. Click here to find out how you can get involved.